Body of Works

Flower Condition  

  After I did a series of portraiture, I decided to work on still life. At first, I found still life more difficult because the flowers were just there, and no one to encourage me. After a while, I had an impulse to capture the moment of when to discard a dead flower.  Then I started observing a bunch of flowers carefully, and picked each one to capture the instantaneous epiphanies.

     This series shows various conditions of flowers; ready to bloom, vibrant, smoked, crumbled, frozen, dead, after death. I find it beautiful when conflicting elements attract each other in a world; shadow and light, black and white, and life and death. This is my feeling towards human condition too.

     Photography has been a way to find and express my emotions. From my own work, I discover/rediscover my feelings based on all of my thoughts, esthetics and experience from environment and culture I grew up in. It is a process of creating a space to listen and ask myself what is it to be truthful.

     In seeing this short life and all its conditions, I firmly believe that I am not afraid of life or death, nor anything in between or after death.

tea ceremony

     I still felt out of place a year after I moved to San Francisco. I believed everything was going wrong. Therefore I decided to return to the practice of Tea Ceremony and do a documentary photography project to find a balance in my own life.

     Repetition of form refines the individuals’s mind and spirit and the culture of tea. Tea Ceremony consists of consideration for others, seasons, esthetic, playfulness, and a bowl of tea. It is considered an integral art, and also a way of Zen practice.

     I attempted to photograph the space and time around the tea room and the effect of the practice. It can be a form of meditation in a pure and beautiful space with simple, trained and mindful carriage.

    The heart of tea ceremony has taken root in San Francisco far more than I realized. It is tremendously a quieting time with deep concentration.

*More photos coming soon.